Software-Defined Data Center: The Foundation for Digital Transformation
Innovate freely in the clouds of your choice with the VMware software-defined digital foundation. Built on our industry-leading technologies, our approach brings together best-in-class virtualized compute, storage, and networking with comprehensive cloud management. Our common operating environment lets you rapidly run, manage, connect, and secure apps across data centers, clouds, and devices
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  • Cloud Foundation
    Simple, Agile and Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform
    VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy and run a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, and security) and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments.
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What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?
Combine compute, storage, and networking into a single system with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This simplified solution uses software and x86 servers to replace purpose-built hardware so that you can simplify operations, reduce TCO, and rapidly scale.
Three-tier architecture is expensive to build, complex to operate, and difficult to scale. Don’t wait for IT infrastructure to support your application demands. Adopt HCI without losing control, increasing costs, or compromising security.
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  • vSAN
    VMware vSAN powers industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions with vSphere-native, flash-optimized storage for private and public cloud deployments.
    vSAN is a core building block for the Software-Defined Data Center.
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  • Dell EMC VxRail
    Turnkey Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Your Private Cloud
    Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, powered by VMware vSAN, is the first and only appliance with full VMware integration for software defined data centers.
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A Flexible Cloud Infrastructure for Your Virtual Data Center
Begin your cloud journey with server virtualization. Moving forward, at your own pace, evolve toward a fully virtualized software-defined data center architecture: virtualize networking, storage and security to create virtual data centers. Simplify the provisioning of IT resources and applications and make them available for consumption in minutes. Complete your private cloud by automating management for optimum performance, capacity utilization and compliance.
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  • vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
    Deliver True Disaster Recovery as a Service
    VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director enables VMware Cloud Providers service providers to offer simple, cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery services that seamlessly support their customers’ vSphere environments and virtual data center environments.
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  • vSphere with Operations Management
    vSphere: The Efficient and Secure Platform for Your Hybrid Cloud
    vSphere provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates the digital transformation to hybrid cloud and success in the digital economy. It helps you run, manage, connect and secure your applications in a common operating environment across the hybrid cloud. With vSphere, you can support new workloads and use cases while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of your infrastructure.
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  • vSphere
    vSphere: The Efficient and Secure Platform for Your Hybrid Cloud
    vSphere provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates your digital transformation to hybrid cloud and success in the digital economy. With vSphere, you can support new workloads and use cases while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of your infrastructure. vSphere is the heart of a secure SDDC, securing applications, data, infrastructure, and access. Advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the hypervisor and powered by machine learning, provide better visibility, protection and faster response time for security incidences.
    vSphere helps you run, manage, connect and secure your applications in a common operating environment across the hybrid cloud.
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  • vCenter Server
    vCenter Server is Simplified and Efficient Server Management Software
    Centralized visibility, simplified and efficient management at scale, and extensibility across the hybrid cloud-all from a single console.
    VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing your VMware vSphere environments, allowing you to automate and deliver a virtual infrastructure across the hybrid cloud with confidence
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Consistent Networking and Security Across the Business Fabric
VMware networking and security solutions provide consistent, pervasive connectivity and security for apps and data, wherever they reside — from the data center to the cloud and the edge.
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  • NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud
    Simplify Your Enterprise Branch WAN
    VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud delivers high-performance, reliable branch access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based enterprise applications
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  • AppDefence
    Bolster Application Security with VMware AppDefense
    VMware AppDefense is a data center endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualized environments. Rather than chasing after threats, AppDefense understands an application’s intended state and behavior, then monitors for changes to that intended state that indicate a threat. When a threat is detected, AppDefense automatically responds.
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  • NSX Data Center
    Network Virtualization and Security Platform
    VMware NSX Data Center is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering networking and security entirely in software, abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure.
    NSX Data Center enables the Virtual Cloud Network, providing pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for your apps and data, wherever they are.
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  • vRealize Network Insight
    VMware vRealize Network Insight helps accelerate application security and networking across private, public and hybrid clouds
    VMware vRealize Network Insight helps customers build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. It accelerates micro-segmentation deployment, minimizes business risk during application migration and enables customers to confidently manage and scale NSX deployments.
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What Is Software-Defined Storage?
Software-defined storage (SDS) is a storage data center architecture that separates the management and provisioning of storage from the underlying physical hardware, similar to server and network virtualization. SDS replaces static and inefficient hardware with dynamic, agile, and automated solutions. VMware’s simple-yet-intelligent SDS technologies deliver a more scalable, flexible, and automated storage solution for today’s business and application demands.

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  • Site Recovery Manager
    Simple, Reliable Disaster Recovery Software
    Easily enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments. Discover the industry-leading disaster recovery software that delivers policy-based management, non-disruptive testing, and automated orchestration.
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  • Virtual Volumes
    VMware Virtual Volumes is an integration and management framework for external storage that provides finer control at the VM-level, streamlines storage operation and offers flexibility of choice.
    VMware Virtual Volumes eliminates physical containers and enables more flexible consumption of resources.
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VMware Cloud Management Platform
VMware delivers a comprehensive cloud management platform that can manage hybrid (multi-cloud) environments running anything from traditional to container (cloud native) workloads. vRealize speeds up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high levels of agility and flexibility for developers and lines of business while maintaining governance and control.
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  • vRealize Suite
    VMware vRealize Suite – Hybrid Cloud Management Platform
    vRealize Suite is a hybrid cloud management platform that helps IT enable developers to quickly build applications in any cloud with secure and consistent operations. It provides developer-friendly infrastructure (supporting VMs and containers) and a common approach to hybrid and multi-cloud, supporting major public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
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  • vRealize Automation
    vRealize Automation – Cloud Automation Tool for VM and container-based applications
    vRealize Automation is a cloud automation tool that accelerates the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high level of agility and flexibility for developers, while enabling IT teams to maintain frictionless governance and control.
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  • vRealize Business for Cloud
    Enable IT Visibility for Cloud Cost Management
    VMware vRealize Business for Cloud automates cloud cost analysis, consumption metering, cloud comparison and planning, delivering the cost visibility and business insights you need to run your cloud more efficiently.
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  • vRealize Operations
    Self-driving Operations
    Run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with VMware vRealize Operations, delivering continuous performance optimization based on intent, efficient capacity management, proactive planning and intelligent remediation. Optimize, plan and scale SDDC and cloud deployments, from apps to infrastructure, with a unified management platform.
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  • VMware Integrated Openstack
    VMware Integrated OpenStack is a VMware supported OpenStack distribution that makes it easy to run an enterprise grade OpenStack cloud on top of VMware virtualization technologies. VMware Integrated OpenStack is ideal for many different use cases, including building a IaaS platform, providing standard, OpenStack API access to developers, leveraging edge computing and deploying NFV services on OpenStack.
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  • vCloud Suite
    vCloud Suite – The Enterprise Ready Private Cloud Software
    VMware vCloud Suite is an enterprise-ready private cloud software that brings together the industry-leading VMware vSphere hypervisor and VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform. vRealize Suite provides developer-friendly infrastructure (supporting VMs and containers) and a common approach to hybrid and multicloud, supporting major public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
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  • vRealize Log Insight
    Highly Effective Intelligent Log Management And Analytics
    vRealize Log lnsight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility. It provides deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
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  • vRealize Code Stream
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  • vRealize Orchestrator
    Release Higher Quality Applications and IT Code Faster While Reducing Operational Risk
    VMware vRealize Code Stream provides release automation and continuous delivery to enable frequent, reliable releases of application and IT code.
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Deliver anytime, anywhere access to all applications, services, and resources to any device.
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  • Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Powered by AirWatch
    Manage Every Device and Every Use Case with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
    Reduce costs and improve security with modern, over-the-air management of every endpoint – including desktops, mobile, rugged, and IoT – and ensure enterprise security at every layer with Workspace ONE UEM, powered by AirWatch technology.
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  • Workspace One
    Deliver and Manage Any App on Any Device with an Integrated Digital Workspace
    Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform powered by VMware AirWatch Technology. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management and is available as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment.
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Transform Desktop and Application Virtualization
VMware Horizon radically transforms traditional VDI, giving you unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale – all at lower costs. VMware Horizon promises to have you up and running 30x faster than traditional solutions and cut costs by as much as 50%
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  • Horizon 7
    VMware Horizon 7 is the leading platform for virtual desktops and applications.
    Provide end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace.
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  • Horizon Apps
    Securely Deliver Published Apps to Any Device, Anywhere with VMware Horizon Apps
    Horizon Apps gives end users quick and easy access to all of their published apps, SaaS apps, and mobile apps through a single unified workspace.
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  • App Volumes
    VMware App Volumes Provides Faster Application Delivery and Unified Management
    App Volumes is a portfolio of industry-leading application and user management solutions for Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDSH virtual environments. App Volumes can help reduce IT costs by up to 70% and is a key component of JMP ― the next generation of desktop and application delivery.
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  • NSX for Horizon
    Networking and Security for Virtual Desktops and Apps: Fast, Easy, and Extensible
    VMware NSX for Horizon brings speed and simplicity to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) networking, with policies that dynamically follow virtual desktops. This joint solution delivers multi-layered defense from the data center to the desktop, built on an extensible platform that integrates with industry-leading third party security solutions.
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  • vSAN for Horizon
    vSAN for Horizon delivers radically simple and scalable storage for virtual desktops and applications, with superior performance and dramatically lower TCO.
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  • ThinApp
    Virtualize Applications with ThinApp and Streamline App Delivery and Management
    ThinApp accelerates application deployment and simplifies application migration by isolating applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline delivery and management.
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  • vRealize Operation for Horizon
    Get VDI Monitoring and Reporting with vRealize Operations for Horizon
    Manage your Horizon and XenDesktop/XenApp environments, along with your NVIDIA GRID powered desktops and apps with vRealize Operations Operations for Horizon. Easily monitor the health and performance of your entire stack, from the data center to end users, with proactive alerts to meet SLA.
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Transform your wireline and wireless networks to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with an NFV Infrastructure platform that delivers the virtual compute, storage and networking resources coupled with a flexible Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and robust, intelligent operations management solution
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  • vCloud NFV OpenStack
    Accelerate deployment of production NFV services on OpenStack
    VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack is a production proven carrier-grade OpenStack solution that provides the fastest path for communications service providers (CSPs) to deploy services on OpenStack. Many of the world’s leading CSPs rely on vCloud NFV OpenStack to develop modern cloud computing stacks, transform their networks, operations, and business models to support new revenue streams, lower operating costs, and evolve to 5G.
    With advanced resource placement, fast and hitless installs and upgrades, high availability, security with micro-segmentation, and intelligent operations with carrier-grade vRealize Operations, vCloud NFV OpenStack is not only easy to deploy and operate alongside your current infrastructure but also ready for what’s next.
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  • vCloud NFV
    VMware vCloud NFV is the Network Functions Virtualization platform for Communications Service Providers.
    vCloud NFV is a fully integrated, modular, multi-tenant Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform. It provides compute, storage, networking, management and operations capabilities. vCloud NFV helps you accelerate time to revenue, automate service lifecycle and simplify operations management―all while reducing network infrastructure costs.
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